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The limbo of Hell is that part of Hell where the souls are punished the least of all. If they ask to be remembered on Earth, they only want it so that their families and friends will pray for them.

On the other hand, limbo for adults is a place for souls that have been excluded from heaven through no fault of their own. Now, limbo is more a place that is divided into two: After Death, a temporary State 1 Pt 1: If any mans work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire 1 Cor.

Therefore, the concept of Limbo as an upper level of Hell is a true doctrine, except that no prenatals, infants, or young children could be there.


We also know that baptism is necessary for salvation. Jesus Himself made this point during His life: This is not accurate as limbo and purgatory are two different ideologies and concepts. However, even if they have apologized for their sin, they have yet to pay the price or the dues to the people that the sin have hurt.

It is manifest that the fire destroys the wood of our transgressions and then returns to us the reward of our great works. Moreover we define that according to the general disposition of God, the souls of those who die in actual mortal sin go down into hell immediately mox after death and there suffer the pain of hell.

However, even if they have apologized for their sin, they have yet to pay the price or the dues to the people that the sin have hurt. This passage also errs by claiming that the Church does not know if they are saved, when in fact we do know that they are saved, for we know that God is merciful and omnipotent.


Although I have heard the case made for at least purgatory, I think the Biblical part of that case is very weak. In my book Forgiveness and Salvation for EveryoneI argue that the teachings of the Magisterium are now sufficient to imply that all prenatals, infants, and young children go to Heaven perhaps by way of the limbo of Purgatoryand none of them are sent to the limbo of Hell, nor to limbo as a third final destination.

A child in the bathroom may not yet be at the table, but he is certainly in the house. You put both of your arms around your child and kiss him. If the work which any man has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward.

After all, even the best of us need cleansing. Therefore, this Bull teaches that the limbo of Hell does exist, and that those who die in original sin go to Hell, and that they are punished less than those who found sanctifying grace, lost it, and never recovered it.

Is Christ's death sufficient? Therefore, the ancient teaching that these young souls go to some type of limbo, rather than straight to Heaven is correct, except that it is the temporary limbo of Purgatory the limbo of the fathersrather than a permanent one.Oct 09,  · Best Answer: The word purgatory comes from the Latin purgatorius, which means "cleansing." In Roman Catholic theology, purgatory is a place where souls are temporarily punished for venial sins.

After they have been punished enough, they are permitted to move on to heaven. Limbo is not quite hell and not Status: Resolved. Roman Catholic and Church of God Teachings - COGwriter The faith of the Church concerning purgatory is clearly expressed in the Decree of Union drawn up by the Council of Florence (Mansi, t.

XXXI, col. ), and in the decree of the Council of Trent In the Middle Ages, the doctrine of purgatory was rejected by the Albigenses, Waldenses, and Hussites.

Roman Catholic Theology and Biblical Studies: Home > Theology > The Church and Salvation > Catholic Teaching: Mystical Baptism and Limbo. The Concept Four different types of limbo have been suggested. 1. The Limbo of Purgatory - a figurative 'upper level' of Purgatory, sometimes called the limbo of the Fathers, this is a temporary place, where.

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Difference between Limbo and Purgatory. Tweet. Key Difference: was thereafter taught to be a state after death in Roman Catholic theology. It was compartmentalized into two categories, one for children called limbus infantium and the second for the Fathers called limbus patrum, a temporary state of the souls of anciently righteous people.

Difference between Limbo and Purgatory

This continued for years, until Monk Thomas Aquinas claimed that Limbo of Children is a state of natural happiness for unbaptized children. According to the United Church of God, Limbo, from Latin limbus meaning edge or boundary (of hell by implication), was thereafter taught to be a state after death in Roman Catholic theology.

Jun 09,  · The term "limbo" is used in three different ways: 1. limbo as a fringe or upper level of Hell 2. limbo as a fringe or upper level of Purgatory 3. limbo as a third final destination, that is not part of Hell, or Purgatory, or Heaven 1.

Limbo as a fringe or upper level of.

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Catholic theology purgatory limbo essays
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