Diversity in the workplace research paper

In addition, it was a belief that women were not either capable emotionally, physically or mentally as men. Education, 2 Where the economic line lies between classes in terms of wages is debated. Religion in the workplace is not something that is openly talked about, but is there just the same.

Diversity in the Workplace Paper

American courts only recognize discrimination for doing the same work and usually only for doing it at the same company. For instance, Arab healthcare professionals working in Israel can provide Arab patients with improved care since they understand the values and language of Arab society than the Jewish Popper-Giveon, et al.

Meats, cheeses, breads, fruit, and a cake are chosen for the event. This is only a couple of jobs woman are now doing. Sociologists use "gender" instead of "sex" because it is believed that differences in status and pay are attributable to socially constructed divisions Smith, This drive toward diversity has been spurned by dramatic shifts in manufacturing jobs away from advance capitalism economies, a rise in service sector jobs, company branding, investor relations, and in some cases a sincere business ethic.

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace.&nbspResearch Paper

Sociologists use "gender" instead of "sex" because it is believed that differences in status and pay are attributable to socially constructed divisions Smith, There are many factors that come into play when looking at the harmony of a team. Obstacles in Qualitative Research: Given the relatively similar economic status, they are afforded like opportunities for education, health care, jobs, and other economic benefits.

Other categories can include age, physical abilities ableismreligion, and sexual orientation. Rather it is assumed to be a category shaped by larger social values. They are in no way pushing them to believe or follow in certain peoples cultures, but to allow them their beliefs and leaving them alone when they express or show part of their religious culture.

The number of dual income families and single working mothers has increased. Since the early s, companies have aggressively positioned themselves in the marketplace as an employer championing workplace diversity and a partner supporting local diverse communities.

In the past women held low responsibility tasks or temporary jobs in organizations. This article gives a longitudinal perspective of the issue of workplace diversity and highlights the role social research plays in challenging and shaping business practices related to workplace diversity.

Additionally, by viewing the issue of workplace diversity at a macro levels an understanding of socialization, education, healthcare, and the role of company community and diversity projects can be brought into the conversation of discussing the possibility of more diverse workplaces in the future.

Companies have formed taskforces and workshops to provide knowledge and insight into creating a diverse workforce. Men on the other hand, think more often than not with there brain. Ethnic Diversity Ethnicity in the corporation can help link the organization with its goals and customers.

They can however bend the rules for basic religious beliefs that many cultures possess. Diverse teams in organizations routinely encounter communication obstacles and in many instances are less productive than their homogeneous counterparts.

In some of my past jobs, I have had to work with woman and in my opinion woman are just as good as men, sometimes better. When considering diversity in the workplace, companies often find themselves between two strong growing sectors of the workforce with very different approaches to diversity.

A group of team members should be different in many ways so that they could build a high level of performance. The sociologist can measure upward mobility, fairness in pay, status in like jobs, the effectiveness of teams, and cultural changes.

Impairment is a socially constructed concept that extends beyond the actual limitations of the individual.

Cultural Diversity in the Workplace.&nbspResearch Paper

During the Great Recessionthe private sector lost jobs at a rate of 3. Corporations also need to embrace harassment and discrimination free environment, as well as apply fair principles while recruiting and selecting workers.However, diversity in the workplace really is so much more than this, we must also consider aging workers, handicapped workers, those with alternative lifestyles, and even physical traits to name others (For the sake of simplification, throughout this paper these will usually be included in the term, minorities).

Diversity in the Workplace Diversity in the Workplace By University of Phoenix Mgt/ August 24, Diversity in the workplace is a subject that has gained increased attention in the workplace, not only just here in this country over the past few years.

The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace Research Paper RENEE TAYLOR AMBA Section 6 FEB Executive Summary This report presents the results of a comprehensive review of the positive impacts that diversity training can have on an organization as a whole as well as the individual employee.

As the United States minority.  Diversity in the Workplace As stated in our book, workplace diversity is defined as “diversity at work means having a workface comprised of two or more groups of employees with various racial, ethic, gender, cultural, national origin, handicap, age, and religious backgrounds”.

The paper will discuss the benefits of workplace diversity, followed by the challenges that employers face with diversity, and ultimately the solutions that were developed through.

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Diversity in the Workplace "Diversity refers to human qualities that are different from our own and those of groups to which we belong; but that are manifested in other individuals and groups/5(1).

Diversity in the workplace research paper
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